Monte Santa Maria !

Monte Santa Maria is one of the other historic villages (‘borgo” in Italian) near us in Sabina. It dates back to 1339 !

Late in the spring the Cherry Festival is a must in this borgo !

Monte Santa Maria é um outro vilarejo histórico (vilarejo em italiano se chama “borgo”) aqui na Sabina fundado em 1933 !

No final da primavera o Festival das Cerejas é famoso neste borgo !


During the festival local people get together to cook traditional food like beans with meat, homemade sausages, and cookies.

The antique oven from the 1800s was restored and it continues to make delicious pizzas !


And all the cherries are for free !


Durante o festival a populaçāo local prepara as comidas tradicionais como feijāo com carne, linguiças feitas em casa e biscoitos. As cerejas sāo grátis !


Let’s not forget the famous “porchetta” (roasted pig). A famosa “porchetta” (leitoa assada).


The old mill is used as an art gallery where they also have more free cherries ! Arte vendida no velho moinho e mais cerejas grátis !


The bar.     O bar.


More food !



The lovely streets and the music…   As ruazinhas gostosas e a música…


And if you didn’t have enough cherries you can also buy some to take home !

E se nāo comeu cerejas suficientes pode sempre comprar para levar para casa !


What about the sunset at the end of the day ??

Que tal este por do sol ??

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