Huuummm… Italian food !!!

Do you like Italian food ??
Você gosta de comida italiana ?

Via della Fonte


” Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are ” goes the proverb.

And really nothing else needs to be said, because the history of the country has made it so.

What a Calabrian puts into his mouth is very different from the choice of the Piedmontese, and it is this fabulous, multicolored, multi-layered patchwork of flavors and ingredients, customs and preferences that make Italian cuisine into the incredible pageant of remarkable variations and extraordinary names and traditions that I love and am still discovering.

When visiting Italy, if it’s Spaghetti alla Bolognese you’re after, for instance, you must try it in Emilia Romagna, its birthplace, to get the real thing. If you want to eat pizza, I promise you that nothing you have ever tasted will be anything like the true pizza of Naples. And so to Piedmont for superb, creamy, truffle-scented pasta, to the…

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