Upper Lazio : Olive groves and more ! Park of Monsters in Bomarzo ! Alto Lazio : Oliveiras e muito mais ! Parque dos Monstros de Bomarzo !

This tiny plot of green land holds the sweetest surprises for lovers of nature and art. The Sabina region, only 50 km from Rome, where we live, has always been the kingdom of olives. Discover the Olive Road by car, … Continue reading

The Baths of Diocletian (Terme di Diocleziano) ! Termas de Diocleziano !

Before traveling to Brazil (yes , I’m still in my Brazilian house !), I visited the Baths of Diocletian (Terme di Diocleziano). These Roman Baths are the most imposing thermal complex ever built in Rome. Erected between 298 and 306 … Continue reading

Homemade pesto ! Pesto feito em casa !

Pesto is a traditional sauce from Genova in Liguria, a province in the north of Italy. The word “Pesto” comes from the Italian word “pestare” which literally means to crush. You can trace the recipe back almost 800 years. Nowadays … Continue reading